Lucy’s Choice


Have you ever had a chance to explore a new house?  It’s a truly magical experience?  When I was in junior high my family moved to a new town two hours north of where we were living.  While my parents closed on the house, my siblings and I were able to stay at the new house and explore.  What better way to do that than a game of hide and seek?

As my siblings and I went from room to room exploring the house it felt like we were on our own adventure, I learned that you can a shower on by turning the handle when I accidentally doused myself.

I imagine that the four Pevensie Children felt the same way as they explored the professor’s huge house in the country.   Lucy has the most curiosity as she is drawn to the wardrobe.  She then discovers that this wardrobe is much deeper than it appears.  When she discovers that there is no end of the wardrobe but rather it leads into a snowy forest she has a decision to make.  Does she take the safe route and head back to the spare room or does she explore the unknown and unexpected?  Which one would you choose?

Of course Lucy chooses the unknown making her either brave or foolish depending on how you look at it.  And because she chooses the unknown she gets sucked into an adventure that brings her joy, sadness, fear, excitement and more.  The journey of Christianity is sometimes like the journey that Lucy goes on.  We can choose to live a safe life filled with what we can see and touch and know for certain or we can choose to trust in Jesus and place our faith in him.  If we choose the latter we might lose the privilege of deciding how our lives turn out, where we might live, what job we have and so on.  But we gain the adventure of serving Jesus wherever he calls us whether that’s in Washington, the United States, or around the world.  When we become Christians, followers of Christ, God wants us to give control of our lives to him and trust that he has the right plan for us.

So what will you do?  Will you be like Lucy and dive into the unknown and trust in God?  or will you head back to the spare room and the comfort of familiarity?


Author: northcreekfamilies

This account is run by the Children's Ministry at North Creek Presbyterian Church

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